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Manufacturer’s mark: X6 Drive 35D BITURBO
Model: X70
Category of vehicle: N1G (goods vehicle)
Type: van
Fuel: NM (diesel)
Capacity: 2993 cm3
Total length: 4877 mm
Total width: 1983 mm
Power: 210 kWh
Driving licence required: category B
Colour: white
Number of seats: 2+2
Gear change: automatic

Price of new vehicle
with given specifications: CZK 2 350 000 excluding VAT

The vehicle comes with: 10 x airbag, 6 speeds, ABS, alarm, automatic warning light activation, automatic air conditioning, automatic gear change, automatic adjustable steering wheel when entering car, automatic diff lock, automatic braking on hills, key-free ignition and unlocking, CD changer, CD player, remote central locking, four-zone air conditioning, passenger airbag deactivation, DVD player, EDS, electric windows, electric adjustable seats, electric tiltable mirrors, electric boot/trunk bonnet, head-up display, immobiliser, parking indicator, air-conditioned compartment, cast wheels, fog lights, adjustable steering wheel, multi-purpose steering wheel, swivelling headlamps, headlamp washers, tachometer, on-board computer, parking assistant, four-wheel drive, power steering, leather upholstery, anti-slip regulation (ASR), auxiliary headlamps, telephone-ready, speed regulation when driving down a slope, speakers, satellite navigation, worn brake pad sensor, wiper sensor, lamp sensor, tyre pressure sensor, sporty seats, electronic stability programme (ESP), ignition button, sun roof, electric cruise control, television, tinted glass, outside thermometer, heated seats, heated mirrors, heated windscreen, adjustable seat height, xenon headlamps, LED rear lights, rear seat television + DVD, 3.5 ton towing equipment, electric door soft close, reversing camera, front and rear sensors, seat heating/cooling, air cooling + ventilated seats, TOP features, camera four-wheel drive with automatic regulation, modern IN 2011 snow white, adaptable bi-xenon lamps, comfortable rear blind, between passengers, automatic switching on + off of high beam lights, darkening mirrors, + automatic driver dazzle control, multi-purpose key, electric soft close of all doors



pujcovna luxusnich aut praha pujcovna luxusnich aut praha pujcovna luxusnich aut praha